Another change

Latest update in the exciting/busy/eventful last few months: we’re moving to Ireland! My husband has found a new position there, with a permanent contract – if all goes well – and we’re now getting organised to move there, husband, toddler, pregnancy and all!

I can’t help remembering this post I wrote a few months ago, after the Brexit vote – I know it probably had some effect on our choice :/

Well, at least 2017 will be interesting 🙂 But hopefully not too much and we can settle there nicely and for a while. Fingers crossed.

Landscape in Wicklow mountains (Ireland) by Mahender G, flickr

Let’s do it

It has been a while, with some major changes and happenings, in our lives and in the political and financial world.

Concerning our lives…

We decided not to buy the house in the end, between Brexit and our other uncertainties it seemed better to postpone such a big 30-year-mortgage move. In Amsterdam we had bought our flat right after the 2008-crisis. Afterwards the price just kept going down and we couldn’t sell and move out without losing a lot – not doing that again.

I am over 4 months pregnant with our second child! And hurray! the anxiety and the fear to lose it are back full time. Thank you hormones and messed up sleep… Physically everything is going well so I’m trying to deal with it one day and one night at a time with the help of my husband. Diseases and accidents, time with my son, guilt, giving birth (can I really do that again?), first weeks, sibling discovery. Out of the top of my head. One day at a time and a bit of crochet.